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I am driven by Customer Excellence. I enable startups and established organisations within the travel and aviation domains to connect, grow and scale their business internally and externally, thereby delivering customer excellence. This is achieved through the effective mix of sales and marketing (“smarketing”), operations, HR & talent advisory, management consulting, mentorship and angel investing. 

You are a startup or established business, targeting passengers or other businesses in the travel and aviation industry. You need help building partnerships, acquiring customers, or simply delivering memorable experiences. You might be looking to scale your business to the next level. Or maybe you need to rethink your marketing and sales execution, and change the way your teams are going to market? Perhaps you just need to up your game in delivering service excellence to your customers. Most importantly, you know you want – need –  to be different, effective and above all, exceptional.

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  • Customer Experience
  • GTM / Development
  • Operations
  • Ancillary / Retail
  • Loyalty & Rewards
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  • B2B Social Media
  • Training & Transformation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Business Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Pitching
  • Mentor/Coach
  • Fund-raising
  • Angel investing



What can your favourite restaurant teach you about “Sales execution problems”?

One of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong is Aziza.

It’s small (12 covers), family-run, serving delicious Egyptian food. They do more than 1 thing on their menu, and off their menu, really, really well. Consistently. Their service is 5-star – not by top Michelin standards, but by my own, and by those of the dozen others who patronise it nightly, almost religiously. And there’s always a line waiting to get in, but who actually get turned away. Yup, turns out the owner doesn’t think it’s cool to pressure existing diners or to make people stand in line waiting hungrily.

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Online Marketing

Social Selling is about the Buying (not about Selling)

It is also tricky because it requires a fundamental shift in perspectives about business, selling and your customers. To quote that famous song from Aladdin:
A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming
(I know you’ve now got the song bouncing around in your head repeatedly – I’m sorry.)

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