Vimal Rai

Speaking at the CAPSE Civil Aviation Summit in Guangzhou - May 2019

Vimal is a world traveller, having lived in 8 different cities, and he now runs a boutique consultancy from Hong Kong – TRACE – that prioritises Customer Excellence in the aviation and travel retail domains. He has worked within several airlines, both as an employee and as a service provider, and for the last 3 years has also mentored 4 startups across Europe, India and SEAsia.

He is fascinated by the impact of technology on consumer behaviour and believes the key to truly personalised and transformative customer experience lies in being able to “join the dots” strategically, from end to end, and across all business verticals, firmly putting customers first, front and centre.

Strategic, B2B partnership business development, is something that Vimal excels at, having helped clients in the loyalty and rewards, technology and travel retail space. He leverages his strong complementary network, with an incisive ability to prospect and connect with senior and C-level decision-makers and to present commercially value-adding partnerships as a win-win solution for all parties.

Vimal has worked on such diverse projects as with software development teams in the inflight entertainment and connectivity space, connecting travel tech startups to seed funding, managing complex projects between OEMs and airlines, enabling travel retail operators to improve margins and revenues, and helping to disrupt the fast growing wine tourism industry.

Vimal now works with a range of associates and partners to provide a strong suite of traditional and digital sales and marketing solutions for his clients. He is currently spending time particularly on B2B social media marketing strategy.

On the pro-bono side, Vimal is an active contributor back to the industry and especially to startups and job-seekers through LinkedIn, as a content creator, coach, mentor and business connector. He is also the Chapter Leader for Travel Massive Hong Kong, an online community of 50,000 travel professionals.

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