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What can your favourite restaurant teach you about “Sales execution problems”?

One of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong is Aziza.

It’s small (12 covers), family-run, serving delicious Egyptian food. They do more than 1 thing on their menu, and off their menu, really, really well. Consistently. Their service is 5-star – not by top Michelin standards, but by my own, and by those of the dozen others who patronise it nightly, almost religiously. And there’s always a line waiting to get in, but who actually get turned away. Yup, turns out the owner doesn’t think it’s cool to pressure existing diners or to make people stand in line waiting hungrily.

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Social Selling is about the Buying (not about Selling)

It is also tricky because it requires a fundamental shift in perspectives about business, selling and your customers. To quote that famous song from Aladdin:
A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming
(I know you’ve now got the song bouncing around in your head repeatedly – I’m sorry.)

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The Power of Personality – Yours – on Social Media

I was horribly late thanks to the rain. The event “How to find a job, and brand yourself, and your business on Linkedin” had kicked off sharp at 8.30am and was well underway by the time I squelched in with my wet shoes at 9-ish.

There were potentially at least 3 great reasons for me to have attended this;

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The Future of Inflight Retail – Part 3

Part 2 started to answer this question by taking a deeper dive into consumer shopping behaviour – especially online – and examining whether travel retailers choosing to digitalise their shops was the answer to falling conversions and spend per passenger. Written during the week of TFWA APAC Exhibition 2019, it left me underwhelmed because as an industry, we still seem to be placing excessive faith on the process and the platform, the terminology and technology, without paying heed to the need for a much deeper transformation. Cue to this Part 3.

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Social media isn’t the CEO’s job!

Social media isn’t the CEO’s job! I was at the Tax Free World Association’s APAC Conference and Exhibition (2019) in Singapore last week. During one particular conversation with one of the brands (high street & hoping to move up the value chain into Luxury), my counterpart said the following in

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The Future of Inflight Retail – Part 2

Part 1 of this series on the Future of Inflight Retail set the scene for an in-depth view into this very unique retail channel called ” Travel Retail & Duty Free”, and ended off with a question as to whether inflight duty free shopping will go the way of books, big-box retailers and even cinemas.

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The Future of Inflight Retail – Part 1

This is a multi-part article looking at the travel retail and duty free in general, with a slightly more focused perspective on the inflight channel. 30 airlines have decided to stop selling duty free. This first part delves a little into the macro situation and perhaps how/why we came to be here today.

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